Friday, 9 January 2009

Lecture in Seattle: Japan-China Trade Disputes: 'Aggressive Legalism' with a Confucian Touch

At the kind invitation of Prof. Saadia Pekkanen at the University of Washington, I will be speaking in Seattle next week on two occasions. Interested blog readers in the area are most welcome to join both events. Details are available below.

JANUARY 15, 2009

Thursday, 3:00-4:00 pm

Thomson Hall, Room 317

Henry Gao, Associate Professor, School of Law, Singapore Management University

Japan-China Trade Disputes:
'Aggressive Legalism' with a Confucian Touch

The first Chinese lawyer to ever work at the WTO Secretariat, Professsor Gao has published widely on all issues relating to China and WTO. He has spoken at conferences across the world and trained hundreds of government officials on WTO issues. A consultant to many national governments and international organizations, including the WTO, the World Bank and APEC, he is also a frequent commentator in major international media such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Bloomberg.

Co-sponsored by the Japan Studies Program, China Studies Program, and East Asia Center.

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